Single parent families in Münster

Online orientation und guideline

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Caritas advises and accompanies the "Allgemeine Sozialberatung" (general social counseling) in Münster for social issues and personal or financial problems.

People in difficult life situations can turn to the social counseling staff with confidence.

Counselling centre Gievenbeck (Contact person Ms. M. Bollrath)

Heinrich-Ebel-Str. 41, 48161 Münster, Tel. 0251/871040

Counselling centre Hiltrup (Contact person Ms. M. Bollrath)

Hohe Geest 1a, 48165 Münster, Tel. 02501/27640,

Branch Südost (Angelmodde, Contact person Ms. N. Stefanski)
Bonnenkamp 73, 48167 Münster, Tel. 0251/625837

Counselling centre Mitte (Contact person Ms. T. Neunes)
Josefstr. 2, 48151 Münster, Tel. 0251/53009430

Counselling centre Kinderhaus (Contact person Mr. A. Duttmann)
Idenbrockplatz 8, 48157 Münster, Tel. 0251/263350

General social counseling in parishes

As part of the cooperation project between the Caritasverband Münster e.V. and the parishes of Münster, general social counseling is also offered:

St. Franziskus (Coerde, Contact person Mr. M. Mehlich)
Schneidemühler Strasse 25, 48157 Münster, Tel. 0251/1321594

St. Clemens (Hiltrup, Contact person Ms. S. Lejeune)
Hohe Geest 1a, 48165 Münster, Tel. 02501/4888

St. Nikolaus (Wolbeck)
Angelmodder Weg 99, 48167 Münster, Tel. 0175/1975284

St. Mauritz (Mauritz, Contact person Ms. C. Hüttermann)
Hegerskamp 4, 48155 Münster, Tel. 0251/6201200410

St. Petronilla (Handorf, Contact person Ms. K. Steinbach)
Petronillaplatz 3, 48157 Münster, Tel. 0160/96729842

St. Marien and St. Josef (Kinderhaus)
Kristiansandstr. 70, 48159 Münster, Tel. 0151/10593823, FreiRAUM project