Single parent families in Münster

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This website is a guide to everyday questions about life with a child and provides information on financial and legal issues. Furthermore, it offers a good overview of the many offers in Münster.

In Münster, roughly one family in five is a single parent family. Single parent families are therefore now as much a part of the social fabric as two parent families.

Their financial situation, however, is blighted by tax disadvantages, missed maintenance payments and part-time jobs which demand absolute flexibility, and consequently reliable, flexible childcare. Single income families on low incomes are often destined to end up on SGB II benefits.

For anyone bringing up a child, managing their household and providing for their family on their own, this website provides answers to a broad range of questions and lists further points of contact able to help with any other questions or concerns.

Many of the organisations listed here can also be found in the ‘Komm file’, a guide to the City of Münster for people with disabilities. It uses pictograms to indicate how accessible various facilities are to people with disabilities and what impediments they are likely to come up against. If an advice centre is indicated as not being accessible to people with disabilities, please enquire anyway, as it is often possible to arrange to consult with an adviser at an alternative location or via an alternative method.

We hope you enjoy perusing this website.

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