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Ambulant educational assistance from AWO

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Logo der AWOArbeiterwohlfahrt Unterbezirk Münsterland - Recklinghausen

Our services are aimed at:

  • families, single parents, children, adolescents and young adults who find themselves in a situation where they need special individual support, advice or assistance

We offer:

  • support for parents with parenting issues
  • advice for children, adolescents and parents in conflict situations
  • help in crisis situations, divorce or separation
  • family, couple or individual sessions for parents, children and adolescents to help navigate potential solutions together
  • support for children, adolescents and parents with school-related issues
  • points of contact for children and adolescents
  • help exploring leisure activity options for children and adolescents
  • assistance in the event of financial difficulties
  • support for families in dealing with council departments and government agencies



Startpunkt Münster
Ambulante erzieherische Hilfen
Hochstr. 12
48151 Münster

Tel: 0251/7794-19
Fax: 0251/7794-24
Mobile: 0176/19003344
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