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Single parent families in Münster

Online orientation und guideline

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Who can use our services?

  • parents, children, adolescents, young adults and their attachment figures

Common reasons for visiting us include:

  • finding a way for parents to work together in the interests of their children
  • finding the right way of communicating with your children
  • dealing with grief
  • developing new perspectives
  • dealing with problem child behaviours
  • overcoming isolation
  • finding new roles in new partnerships
  • exercising custody and visitation rights in the best interests of the children


  • use a range of diagnostic, counselling, educational psychotherapy, training and facilitation techniques
  • work with individuals, couples, families and groups (e.g. groups for children following divorce or separation, drop-in groups for mothers, parent training sessions, etc.)
  • take into account our duty of confidentiality and your autonomy, and offer our services free of charge
  • work in collaboration with other advisory services (e.g. debt, addiction, Kur advisory services)
  • are specialists from a range of disciplines (psychology, social work, educational social work) with a range of specific qualifications


At the Caritas advice centres:

Stadtmitte: Josefstr. 2, 48151 Münster Tel: 02 51 / 5 30 09 - 338
Coerde: Schneidemühler Str. 25, 48157 Münster Tel: 02 51 / 1 32 15 89
Gievenbeck: Heinrich- Ebel- Str. 41, 48161 Münster Tel: 02 51 / 87 10 40
Hiltrup: Westfalenstr. 197, 48165 Münster Tel: 0 25 01 / 2 76 40
Kinderhaus: Idenbrockplatz 8, 48159 Münster Tel: 02 51 / 26 33 50

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
online advice: