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In Münster there is a wide range of counseling and education opportunities that can be found in the individual districts. The following facilities provide assistance and support for crises and problems that may affect your children but also you personally.

In addition, there are also numerous institutions that offer educational opportunities and opportunities for leisure activities.

Organisations in Münster

Deutscher Kinderschutzbund (German Child Protection League) Münster branch

Logo Kinderschutzbund

Advice centre offering help for children, adolescents, parents and professionals

Target group:

  • children and adolescents
  • mothers and fathers, families and attachment figures
  • professionals and institutions
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Ehe-, Familien- und Lebensberatung im Bistum Münster (Marriage, family and life counselling in the Diocese of Münster)

Logo der Ehe-, Familien- und Lebensberatung im Bistum Münster

We counsel

individuals or couples who are looking for support in overcoming relationship and other personal problems and life crises. The services are aimed at adult people with and without children, regardless of age, religious affiliation, nationality, marital status and sexual orientation.

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Ev. Familienbildungsstätte Münster (Protestant family education center in Münster)

Logo der Fabi Münster

The Ev. Fabi accompanies families coping with situations of upheaval and challenges of everyday life. We offer courses for parents (single or in a couple).

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Fachberatungsstelle bei häuslicher Gewalt (Domestic violence counselling centre)

logo skf

Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V. Münster

In Germany, one out of four women reports having suffered violence within a relationship. Many find it hard to talk about their experience or to escape from the relationship.

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Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. - Counselling Centre

Beratungsstelle Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. offers one-off or ongoing counselling sessions for women and girls aged 16 or over.

It is also possible to participate in individual and/or group therapy.

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Frauenhaus-Beratungsstelle (Women’s Refuge Advice Centre)

Logo des Frauenhauses Münster

Frauenhaus und Beratung e.V.

The Women’s Refuge Advice Centre is an additional service provided by the independent Münster and Telgte Women’s Refuges.

It provides low-threshold, preventive, walk-in advice for women who are experiencing or threatened with physical, emotional, sexual or economic violence.

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Frühe Hilfen (Early years support) - Stadtteilkoordination in Münster

Logo Frühe Hilfen

Early years support (frühe Hilfen) refers to preventive support and assistance for parents and children from the beginning of pregnancy until children are a few years old. Our objective is to achieve a lasting improvement in development opportunities for children and parents within the family and in society. In addition to everyday practical support, early years support is aimed in particular at improving the relationship and parenting skills of pregnant women, mothers and fathers.

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Haus der Familie Münster e.V. (House of the families)

Logo Haus der Familie Münster

Haus der Familie Münster – Katholisches Bildungsforum im Stadtdekanat Münster e.V. is a state-accredited family and adult education institution in the city of Munster. The focus is on parent and family education and the institution is financed and run by the Catholic church.

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Jobcenter Münster

Stadtlogo MuensterLogo JobcenterThe Jobcenter has two core tasks:
it provides benefits to ensure subsistence pursuant to SGB II, and advises benefit claimants and helps them find work.

At all Jobcenter locations, we have dedicated advisors for single parents, who are committed to providing you with comprehensive advice and support, taking into account your individual circumstances.

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MuM - Mehrgenerationenhaus und Mütterzentrum Münster e.V., Gievenbeck


All types of families and all generations meet at our public neighbourhood get-togethers (childcare available) for public courses or events or just for a bit of free time.

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Münster & Telgte Women’s Refuges

Logo Frauenhaus Münster-TelgteFrauenhaus und Beratung e.V.

Refuges for women of all ages (18 or over), religions and nationalities, regardless of residential status, who are victims of physical or emotional abuse.

The women's refuges provide a safe place for women who have been oppressed, verbally abused, threatened, beaten, kicked or confined by their husbands, friends or fathers, and for their children. They are available to all women affected by these issues 24 hours a day.

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