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Single parent families in Münster

Online orientation und guideline

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For low-income households, it is often worth applying for Wohngeld (housing benefit). For tenants this is paid in the form of a rent subsidy, for owner occupiers in the form of a housing cost payment.

Entitlement to Wohngeld depends on the number of people in your household, your income and the amount of your allowable rent or housing costs. Maximum allowable rent/housing costs are based on the level of local rents. (Münster is classed as rent level 4.) Households in receipt of ALG II and Sozialgeld or other benefits aimed at helping them find work are not eligible to receive Wohngeld.

Since January 1st 2020 there are new limits for rent and income in effect. You get more information on the following website Stadt Münster.

Where a child’s parents are divorced or separated, have joint custody of the child and the child lives roughly equally with both parents (ratio of at least one third to two-thirds), the child is considered to be a member of both households for the purpose of Wohngeld entitlement. If parents care for at least two children in less than equal parts, only the youngest of these children is the household member of the parent with the lower caregiving percentage.

Wohngeld will be paid from the month of your application earliest. Because of the long processing times, where possible you should submit amendments and applications to extend the period of entitlement six to eight weeks before expiry of the period of entitlement. Applications should be submitted to the Amt für Wohnungswesen und Quartiersentwicklung (Housing Office).

If you are on a low income and looking for housing, you can obtain a Wohnberechtigungsschein (housing entitlement certificate) for yourself and your child from the Amt für Wohnungswesen (Housing Office). This entitles you to a place in low cost social housing. People on low incomes living together in shared housing are also entitled to social housing.

You can also have your name added to the social housing waiting list. The Amt für Wohnungswesen can also provide you with a list of local housing associations, with whom you can also register that you are looking for housing.

More information on housing is available on the website of the Federal Ministry for Traffic, Building and Urban Development or in Münster from the Amt für Wohnungswesen:

Amt für Wohnungswesen und Quartiersentwicklung

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