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  • alleinerziehend - Tipps und Informationen (Tips and information for single parents)
    Available in German, Turkish and Arabic. 2019.
  • 18 Jahre - jetzt geht´s los! (Life begins at 18!)
    Information for single parents and their grown-up children. Brochure produced in collaboration with Brandenburg VAMV.
  • Wegweiser für den Umgang nach Trennung und Scheidung (Guide to organising access after separation or divorce). Advice for parents on organising access in the best interests of the child. Published by: VAMV e.V., 12th edition 2015.
  • Elternvereinbarung (Childcare agreement).
    Taking care of responsibility together. 2016.
  • Wechselmodell: Ist das was für uns? (Shared parenting: is that something for us?) Status as of: 2018.

The above-mentioned and other VAMV brochures to download or order at
Tel: 030/8515120

Arbeitslosengeld 2 für Geringverdiener und Erwerbslose (Arbeitslosengeld 2 unemployment benefit for low-earners and the unemployed).
Download the brochure from DPWV – 12/2020.

Familienportal. Produced by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and is packed with information for single parents.

Prozesskostenhilfe (Legal aid) 09/2018 edition. Download or order the information leaflet.

Zwischen Vorlesung und Kinderbetreuung. Eine Broschüre für studierende Eltern an der WWU Münster (Juggling lectures and childcare)
A brochure for parents studying at the University of Münster. November 2016 edition.

Studieren mit Familie. Vereinbarkeit von Studium und familiären Aufgaben.
(Compatibility of studies and family responsibilities.)  December 2017 edition..
A brochure from the University of Applied Sciences Münster.

KOMM Münster
The city guide in Münster with information for people with disabilities. Pictograms give a brief overview of the accessibility of various facilities.

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