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Single parent families in Münster

Online orientation und guideline

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If your child attends childcare when you and your partner are at work, if your child is ill one parent is likely to have to stay at home to look after the child.

Working parents are entitled to unpaid leave for the length of time set out below. You will, however, have to provide your employer with a doctor’s certificate detailing why you need to stay home to look after your child and for how long you will need to do so.

Your health insurance provider may reimburse you for loss of earnings.

This is a legal right:

SGB V, Section 45 Sick pay when your child is ill

(1) The insured person is entitled to sick pay if a doctor’s certificate states that they must remain away from work in order to supervise or care for their ill (and insured) child, no-one living in their household is able to supervise or care for the child and the child is not yet 12 years old or the child is disabled and is reliant on assistance.*

(2) Entitlement to sick pay pursuant to paragraph 1 is limited to 10 working days per calendar year per child or, for single parents, 20 working days. The entitlement set out in clause 1 is limited to a maximum of 25 working days, or, for single parents, a maximum of 50 working days per calendar year.

(*Some health insurance providers have extended this in their terms and conditions to 14 years old.)

The amount of sick pay for looking after a sick child is the same as statutory sick pay and is calculated as 70% of that portion of earned income taken into account in calculating your health insurance contributions, but not more than 90% of take home pay.

It is paid from the day on which the conditions for payment are met.

More information can be obtained from your health insurance provider.