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About us

Arbeitskreis Alleinerziehende Münster

Arbeitskreis Alleinerziehende Münster is a working group and network which, at the moment, consists of 25 different religious, private organisations and public sector institutions which offer education, advice and support for single parent families in Münster.

The organisation was founded in 1990 and, as a specialist network, has since then been working to further the interests of single parent families.

We see ourselves as an advocacy group and aim to use the strength of our broad membership base to launch forward-looking initiatives to improve the situation of single parents. We have made it our task to raise awareness of the problems and needs of single parents and to highlight the need for change.

This includes in particular financial safeguards, fair taxation, adequate provision of high quality childcare and being able to find a job which is compatible with single parenthood.

We would like to show that single parenthood is not in itself a problem, but rather that it is society which is not structured to meet the needs of people in this situation.

We work actively to promote equality for single parent families through public relations work and meetings with politicians and council representatives.



Members in alphabetical order:


Andrea MickBrigitte BerghoffCarola Römer-GebaJulia HolkenbrinkJulia von Hayn Karen PettersonKatrin SchuppeliusKerstin Gondek Lina TölleLivia Kittner Medina OpreaPati BellenbergSahar Wemmer Silvia Schwarzbauer Yvonne Krabbe

Without photo:

N.N., Beratung und Therapie für Frauen e.V.
N.N., Caritasverband für die Stadt Münster e.V. / Allgemeine Sozialberatung
N.N., Diakonissenmutterhaus gGmbH
N.N., Ehe-, Familien- und Lebensberatung im Bistum Münster
Ilena Horn, Frauenhaus und Beratung e.V.
Lioba Pietsch, Sozialdienst kath. Frauen, Frauen- und Kinderschutzhäuser I und II
Lena Dhaliwal, Cuba - Beratungsstelle Arbeit
Maren Lange, pro familia
Nina Spahn, Jobcenter Münster
Sabrina Fries, Ev. Familienbildungsstätte
Sarah Laffontin, Anna-Krückmann-Haus und Begegnungszentrum an der Meerwiese