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Work & Qualifications

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The following organisations and projects provide you with advice and support in career development, reorientation, questions concerning professional development and qualification.

In addition to short-time advisory services, the offers also include long-term projects to facilitate the return to work or to learn a new profession.

Organisations in Münster

Agentur für Arbeit Münster (Employment Agency)

Logo BA Ahlen Muenster Claim

Family and work - your contact person

Nowadays, for many people working while raising a family is entirely normal. In addition, many women are in the position of having and wanting to provide for themselves and their children.

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Frauen & Beruf (Women & career) - Berufswege e.V.

FuB Logo

Contact and information point at FrauenForum e.V.

Frauen & Beruf is your contact and information point for all questions relating to returning to work, starting a business or equal opportunities in the workplace. Its goal is to promote women’s participation in the labour market.

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GEBA Münster

Logo der GEBA

Part-time vocational training – career start accompaniment – opening up new perspectives (TEP, Teilzeitberufsausbildung - Einstieg begleiten - Perspektiven öffnen)

Are you looking for vocational training in part-time? We can assist you.

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Münster Education Advisory Service (Bildungsberatung)

Logo Schulamt der Stadt Münster

Questions about school and further education in Münster?

We inform, advise and connect

The Educational Counseling Service offers support with questions about school, learning, education.

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