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We are the family education centre on Friedensstraße. Our welcoming, child-friendly rooms are a public meeting place for all. Our course groups provide a pleasant atmosphere in which to learn together and share personal experiences, and offer encouragement and support for mothers and fathers.

We also organise external events at Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, in South Münster (37° Hiltrup, Clemenshospital, Stadtteilhaus Lorenz-Süd) and in some schools. We work in the following children’s centres: Familienzentrum Hiltrup-West, Familienzentrum Amelsbüren, Familienzentrum Heilig Geist, Familienzentrum St. Elisabeth, Familienzentrum Rumphorst and the AWO-Familienzentrum in Coerde.

We offer antenatal classes and courses to help you feel good, keep fit and relax during your pregnancy. We run a number of parent and baby groups (using a ‘growing together’ approach), games and discussion groups for parents and children, and a wide range of music and psychomotor activities.

All of these courses are attended by lots of single mothers and fathers as well as parents who are living together. As part of our ‘Shaping parenting and relationships’ programme, we organise events focusing on the following topics: child development and parenting, child nutrition and health, being a parent whilst remaining a partner.

We also offer courses and seminars in seven other areas:

  • learning a foreign language
  • professional training
  • health and relaxation
  • fitness and exercise classes
  • cooking meet-up
  • arts and crafts
  • creative use of textiles

We offer childcare for many of these events.

A free programme is available from the Münster information point in Stadthaus 1, the public libraries or, of course, here in Friedensstraße 5. You can also visit our website. There you will find all the important information about our family education offers.


Anna- Krückmann- Haus e.V.  
Friedensstr. 5    
48145 Münster  
Tel:  0251/39 29 08 0
Fax: 0251/39 29 08 10
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Office hours

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri      9 am - 12 pm
Mon – Thu                  2.30 pm -  6 pm

Note: Different opening hours apply during school holidays.