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Frühe Hilfen (Early years support) - Stadtteilkoordination in Münster

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Early years support (frühe Hilfen) refers to preventive support and assistance for parents and children from the beginning of pregnancy until children are a few years old. Our objective is to achieve a lasting improvement in development opportunities for children and parents within the family and in society. In addition to everyday practical support, early years support is aimed in particular at improving the relationship and parenting skills of pregnant women, mothers and fathers.

Our services are available to

  • Families:
    • We offer support.
    • We offer advice.
    • We accompany.
  • Professionals:
    • We are familiar with and can put you in touch with services in your neighbourhood.
    • We network and collaborate locally.
    • We enable early access to preventive mother and child services.



Berg Fidel und Bezirk Mitte
Beratungsstelle Südviertel e.V.
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 125, 48153 Münster

An der Meerwiese 13a, 48157 Münster
Tel. 0251/60246

Albachten, Gievenbeck, Mecklenbeck, Roxel
Caritas vor Ort, Beratungsstelle Gievenbeck
Heinrich - Ebel - Str. 41, 48161 Münster
Tel. 0251/871040

Angelmodde, Gelmer, Gremmendorf, Handorf, Hiltrup, Mauritz-Ost, Wolbeck
Beratungs- und Bildungscentrum GmbH Diakonie Münster 
Alter Steinweg 34, 48143 Münster
Tel. 0251/490150

Caritas vor Ort, Beratungsstelle Kinderhaus
Idenbrockplatz 8, 48159 Münster
Tel. 0251/263350