Single parent families in Münster

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Parents resident in the Federal Republic of Germany are eligible to receive Kindergeld, which takes the form of a child-related tax relief. Over the last few years, the Kindergeld rate has been gradually increased. From January 2021, it will be € 219 per month for the first and second child, € 225 for the third child and € 250 for each subsequent child.

Kindergeld is paid from birth until the child reaches the age of 18, but can also continue to be paid up to the age of 25 if the child is still attending school or is on a vocational training scheme (Ausbildung).

To receive Kindergeld, you need to apply to the Familienkasse office at the Agentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency), or if you work for a public sector organisation, to the Familienkasse office for your organisation.

Each parent is in principle entitled to one half of the Kindergeld. Kindergeld is normally paid to the parent with whom the child lives. In the case of dependent children of single parents, the absent parent (who is obliged to provide for the child financially) can deduct half of the Kindergeld payment (or the full amount once the child reaches 18) from their maintenance payments.

Parents who are divorced or separated are each entitled to one half of the Kinderfreibetrag (child tax allowance), in each case after deduction of half the Kindergeld.

Kinderzuschlag (supplementary child benefit)

Parents who meet certain conditions can additionally apply for Kinderzuschlag (supplementary child benefit) of up to € 205 (starting January 2021) per child. These conditions include a minimum monthly income of € 600 for single parents or € 900 for couples. However, it can be checked whether a combination of housing benefit and child allowance is possible instead of ALG II. Kinderzuschlag cannot be combined with the Sozialhilfe, ALG II or Sozialgeld benefits. Deductions are made from the Kinderzuschlag for the child’s income and assets and for any maintenance or vocational training scheme (Ausbildung) payments.

You can also obtain information on Kinderzuschlag bzw. Notfallkinderzuschlag during the Corona-Pandemie.

More information on Kindergeld and Kinderzuschlag can be obtained from Familienkasse Rheine, or online at: Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

An Information leaflet on Kindergeld and the application form for child care, as well as information leaflet on Kinderzuschlag can also be viewed on or downloaded from the above website.

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