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Debt. © ginasanders - © ginasanders - Depositphotos.comDebt problems are often precipitated by adverse events such as unemployment, separation, divorce or illness.

The Debt Advisory Service (Soziale Schuldnerberatung) aims to help families and individuals who:

• want advice on or support with debt problems
• have questions about their debts
• are at risk of bankruptcy due to attachment and seizure of their assets by creditors
• would like advice about debt in advance

The Insolvency Code (Insolvenzordnung), which entered into force in 1999, enables honest debtors to free themselves from often lifelong debt and make a new start financially.

All advisors at the advice centres listed below are obliged to treat all enquiries in confidence.

Debt and insolvency advice centres in Münster

Arbeiterwohlfahrt Unterbezirk Münsterland-Recklinghausen
(Workers ' Welfare Association, sub-district Münsterland-Recklinghausen)
Hochstr. 12, 48151 Münster

Ms. Rehm    Tel: 0251/7794-25,
Open consultation hours: Wed 9 am – 12 am
Ms. Brockschmidt     Tel: 0251/7794-17,
Open consultation hours: Wed 9 am – 12 am


Caritas-Verband für die Stadt Münster e.V.
(Caritas Association for the City of Münster e.v.)
Josefstr. 2, 48151 Münster
Mr. Leusmann           Tel: 0251/53009-340,
Open consultation hours: Wed 3 – 5 pm


Beratungs- und BildungsCentrum der Diakonie Münster
(Advice and education center of the Diakonie social services organization)
Alter Steinweg 34, 48143 Münster
Ms. Braese     Tel: 0251/49015-32 or -0,
Appointments by arrangement

Josef-Beckmann-Straße 5, 48159 Münster
Ms. Krämer               Tel: 0251/1624262,
Open consultation hours: Mon 10 – 12  am


Stadt Münster, Sozialamt
(City of Münster social welfare office)
Hafenstr. 8, 48153 Münster
Mr. Brüggemann Tel: 0251/492-5036,
Open consultation hours: Tue 10 – 11.30 am


Verbraucher-Zentrale NRW
(Northrhine-Westphalia consumer advice centre)
Aegidiistr. 46, 48143 Münster
Ms. Weinke  Tel: 0251/20865306,
Open consultation hours: Mon 9.30 - 12 am
Open consultation hours via phone: Mon 2 – 4 pm